Have you ever been told you can see where your heart is at by how you spend your money? The idea goes that where one spends their money is where their heart is housed. And after a fashion, I think this correct, however, there is a better way to examine one’s heart with more effectiveness than the monthly bank statement. (‘Cause for all I can tell my heart belongs to the federal government, my landlord, and bank.)

Luke 6:45 reads, “Out of the wellspring of the mouth the heart speaks.”

As an American people, and as American Christians, we have a running record of the things we say (roughly 80% of us are on Facebook). This is not just what we say out loud, but it’s also what we type into our social accounts.

So here is the challenge:

What were the last five things you posted on social media?

What do these things say about where your heart is at?

As Christians, we trust that Scripture is the Word of God, and that this Word of God says our words proceed from our heart. So where is your heart at?

Still more, we are to be judged for the words that we speak (Matthew 12:35-37). This is a shocking, and sobering reality. The words we speak, or post, will be the words by which we are judged. Our careless words, as well as our intentional words, will be our accusers.

This is not to downplay certain types of posts, it is, however, to give evidence to the great brokenness that pervades our Christian community. There are, for sure, many important things to post about (and as American’s we’ve been afforded the freedoms to delve deeply into the created world to discover all that God has given us). But there is also something worthier of posting – the Creator and his mission to save mankind by the finished work of his Son.

All the news on social points us to the brokenness within mankind, and our attempts to wash over that is as Cornelius Plantiga says a, “[Narcotic] self-deception, a tranquilizing and disorienting suppression of our spiritual central nervous system.” Like I said in my second LifeWay Social post, “[Social] has unveiled a portion of what is killing humanity, sin.”

But let me get specific.

Politics are part of our experience, and to assume that we do not have political leanings is to miss the point. But our politic should be comparable to a jacket. At times, it is appropriate to wear a jacket because the environment calls for it. At other times, it’s inappropriate to wear the jacket. Our wearing, or not wearing, should serve how, who we are at our core, are able to exist in whatever climate we currently inhabit. There are times when our politic help to advance the gospel forward – but at other times it is the offense that is in the way of the gospel (1 Corinthians 1). Let the gospel be the offense that it is on its own, don’t add your own offensiveness to it by waiving a flag of politic higher than Calvary’s cross.

In the end, our social usage reveals where our heart is at. So where is your heart at? What were the last five things you posted about on social media?

Sam Morris

Sam Morris, is the Electronic Marketing Specialist for Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife have one son.