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Learn how to use digital communications for Kingdom good with LifeWay Social.
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What Is LifeWay Social?


Ministry Focus

The temptation to use social media for the pursuit of personal fame and fortune is real. LifeWay Social exists to equip you to use social media to serve others and the Kingdom.

Helpful Content

It can be difficult to know which social media platforms to use or how to best use them. LifeWay Social provides resources to equip you to serve others online.

Personal Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to answer your questions or give you feedback. LifeWay Social provides personal coaching options to address your specific needs.

The Latest From LifeWay Social

3 Differences Between Twitter and Facebook

So often I see brands and organizations copy and paste posts between Twitter and Facebook. I even fall into the trap sometimes of thinking that something I’ve posted somewhere should be posted everywhere. A little over two years ago after stepping into my role as a...

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How You Can Harness the Power of Facebook Events

The Facebook events section is nothing new. In fact, the feature first rolled out back in 2005 when the website was exclusively used and operated by rowdy college students.  In the thirteen years that have passed, the events feature has evolved and taken many shapes,...

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How to See What Data Facebook Has on You

It is best to assume that whatever messages, status updates, or other information you have uploaded or typed into Facebook will be publicly available to anyone who wants it at some point in the future. It is unlikely that will ever be the case, but between accidental...

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