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Learn how to use digital communications for Kingdom good with LifeWay Social.
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What Is LifeWay Social?


Ministry Focus

The temptation to use social media for the pursuit of personal fame and fortune is real. LifeWay Social exists to equip you to use social media to serve others and the Kingdom.

Helpful Content

It can be difficult to know which social media platforms to use or how to best use them. LifeWay Social provides resources to equip you to serve others online.

Personal Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to answer your questions or give you feedback. LifeWay Social provides personal coaching options to address your specific needs.

The Latest From LifeWay Social

16 Ways to Climb Over Writer’s Block

Everyone who’s ever written for any length of time has encountered writer’s block. It’s the inevitable consequence of placing words on a page (or screen). For those trying to develop consistent content for their blog or website, this can be frustrating and even...

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3 Things to Start Doing on Social Media

At the beginning of the new year, everyone is setting goals and writing down their resolutions to make 2018 the best year ever. Local gyms are full, diets are in full force, and everyone in the Christian sphere just started a new Bible reading plan and is about 3...

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