How to Outsmart Writer’s Block with Neuroscience—Kelton Reid

After interviewing neuroscientist Michael Grybko for The Writer Filespodcast about the dreaded writer’s block, I started to understand just how important our brain and emotional health are to staying prolific.

To put it simply, when we feel like we can’t tap into our creativity to get words onto the page, the neurons in our brains aren’t firing the way we’d like them to.

Google “doubling down” on news, publisher traffic explodes—Sarah Fischer

According to new data from Chartbeat, the vast majority of traffic growth publishers are seeing from platforms is now coming from Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) — or fast-loading mobile article pages on Google Search and Google News.

Why it matters: As Facebook pulls back from publisher traffic referrals in the News Feed, Google General Counsel Kent Walker tells Axios that Google is “doubling down” on news, specifically using Google AMP. The data from Chartbeat shows it’s working.

3 Opportunities Your Social Media Strategy May Be Missing—Alexis Bogobowicz

A staggering 90% of the engagement comes from only 10% of the posts – and with Facebook’s recent algorithm change, getting your post noticed is going to be even harder. It’s time to revisit your social strategy and ask yourself these three questions to make sure you’re not missing any opportunities.

Zuckerberg says he wants us to spend less time on Facebook. Maybe he means it—Napier Lopez

During an earnings call in late January, Mark Zuckerberg surprised everyone by saying people spending less time on Facebook is a good thing. Moreover, time spent on Facebook will likely continue to decrease as the company implements further changes to the platform over the next year.

It was a startling remark by the CEO of a company that makes money almost exclusively from advertising, but his message was simple: quality over quantity.

The tech media’s response was predictable. Zuckerberg was doing a PR spin on bad numbers. Facebook made bad choices and was reaping the consequences. People don’t trust Facebook anymore. Of course people use Facebook less, Facebook is just boring now.

Why You Should Not Brag on Social Media—Utpal Dholakia

“Accomplish but do not boast.” – Lao Tzu

A few weeks ago, while checking my LinkedIn feed, I was shocked to see a post from a well-known marketing professor that was nothing more than a blatant boast. It went something like this: “I have X thousand citations on Google Scholar. I am one of the most-cited academics in the field.” The post didn’t offer anything of substance or insight. Its subtext was, “Admire me. I am amazing. My research is more cited than anyone else’s.” The post diminished my opinion of this individual considerably.

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