Creating content for social media can be a daunting task. But with a little training, you’ll start to see content everywhere you look, and you’ll soon be asking yourself what to leave on the cutting room floor.

When I started managing social media for our church, I had no idea what in the world I was going to post from week-to-week. So I sketched out a weekly calendar on a scrap of notebook paper, scribbled “Facebook, Instagram, Twitter” in the margin, and… stared blankly for the better part of an hour.

Perhaps I hoped that if I stared long enough, God would speak audibly to me and tell me what to post on our social channels. No such luck. So I took a stroll around our church, asking, “What is God doing in this place that he wants me to share with the world?”

As I looked around, I began seeing content everywhere, and I soon had more ideas for content than I had time to publish.

Here are 22 posts to fill your social media calendar this week.

Sermon clips (3 video posts)

As my friend Katie Allred (@KatieJAllred) recently shared in her talk at That Church Conference, “The sermon is the one piece of content that the majority of your audience will hear.” As a church communicator, you can help your pastor get more mileage from the weekend message through social media.

At our church, the sermon video clips we share to Facebook and Instagram are the most engaging and most shared posts that we publish.

Identify a handful of powerful segments of your message and produce 60-second video clips to share on Facebook and Instagram. Use an app like CutStory (iOS) to cut that clip into shorter clips for Instagram Stories.

Sermon quotes (3 to 5 image posts)

In addition to video clips (or if your church doesn’t record sermon video), your pastor’s sermon content can also be used to create social squares that drive reach and engagement.

If your pastor shares notes or — even better — a manuscript, it will be easy to grab quotes from the sermon to create social squares, etc. Make a list, grab a template from Canva, and create a week’s worth of social graphics from your weekend sermon.

Here’s an example of a simple graphic that I created on Canva from a recent sermon.

Scripture verses (2 to 3 posts)

What passage did your pastor preach on this week? Share a few verses as social squares or text only posts to reinforce the weekend message and get God’s word deeper into the hearts of your congregation.

Prayer points from the weekend (one post)

How can your congregation be praying this week? If your pastor shared any specific prayer points, share them on social. If not, write a few of your own. When in doubt, follow the ACTS method of prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

Values (one post)

Our church has a set of 16 “plumb lines” — short, pithy statements that we use as rallying points both for our staff and for the entire church. Each of these plumb lines represents an opportunity to reinforce our church’s values with our congregation.

We try to post one plumb line per week. If you space them out, you can start all over again once you finish the set!

Reposts from ministries (2 to 3 posts)

What are your ministries up to? Use your church social media account to platform your ministries and help build awareness for opportunities for your congregation to get involved.

Stories from your congregation (1 post)

God is changing the lives of people all around you. Next time someone shares a story, ask for their permission to share that with your church. Grab your phone, snap a photo, and jot down a few sentences from their story, then share as a post on social media.

If you have the time, write up the entire story and share it on your church website as a blog post.

Church-wide events ( 1 to 2 posts)

As a general rule, we share anything that affects 80% or more of our congregation. But even in “Simple Church” model churches, events can add up quickly.

Rather than promoting each event individually, try including up to five events in a single post using Facebook’s Carousel post type or Instagram’s multi-image posts.

Photos of church life (2 to 3 posts)

There is so much going on around you. Capture everything! During your weekend worship services services, snap photos of your parking volunteers, your greeters, conversations in the lobby, the worship set (including photos of your congregation worshipping together), the pastor preaching… The list goes on.

During the week, capture photos of small groups, members serving in your community, and special events. Share this content on social media to give people an idea of what it looks like to be a part of your church community.

Other posts we’re experimenting with (10+ posts)

  • Volunteer spotlight. Snap a photo of a volunteer on the weekend and ask them to share what serving at your church means to them. Share the photo and a few sound bites.
  • Sermon teasers. Share a preview of the upcoming sermon on Friday afternoon to lead your congregation into the weekend.
  • Facebook Live. Facebook Live isn’t just for weekend services. Find ways to leverage live video to communicate with your congregation throughout the week.
  • Meet the Staff. Highlight a staff member by sharing their role on staff, what they love about your church, and what God is teaching them.
  • First Time Guest posts. Many first time guests will connect with your church on social media before they visit your church. Let them know that they’re welcome — and ease some of the anxiety that accompanies visiting a new church — by letting them know what they can expect.
  • Mission trip updates. Share photos, videos, and stories of what God is doing through your church around the world on mission trips.

Rob is the Director of Digital Marketing for The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC. He and his wife, Cassie, live in Cary, NC with their two girls, Emma and Audrey. Opinions are his own.