LifeWay Social was created in the summer of 2017 and the first round of signups were open the last week of October. Signups open for one week per quarter, and as of today, they are open again.

From today, January 22, through Monday, January 29, LifeWay Social Premium and Platinum signups are open. (LifeWay Social Basic signups are always open.)

But, if you’re new around here, you may wondering: What’s the point of LifeWay Social?

That’s a fair question. I’m not offended by it at all. It helps that I have a pretty straightforward answer.

The Point of LifeWay Social

I created LifeWay Social to help Christians use social media and other digital tools for Kingdom good.

It’s really that simple.

But what does it even mean?

A lot of Christians either: a) use social media to puff themselves up or b) avoid social media because they think it can only be used to puff themselves up.

Both perspectives on social media make me sad because using social media only for selfish gain and avoiding social media completely both prevent us from using social media to serve the global Church with the gifts God has given us.

Through social media platforms, blogs, YouTube, or other content creation channels online, we can use the gifts God has given us to serve people around the world.

Chances are good that if you are reading this blog, you have been served online by someone who decided to invest the time and energy necessary to use the gifts God has given to him or her. Praise God for people who see social media as a means of serving others rather than themselves.

I created LifeWay Social to equip people to use social media and other online tools as a means of serving the Church with the gifts God has given them.

LifeWay Social is not about making people more famous or rich. LifeWay Social is about equipping Christians to serve with social media.

How Does LifeWay Social Work?

When you sign up for LifeWay Social, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to proceed. But basically, when you sign up for LifeWay Social, you get:

  • a weekly coaching email on Fridays that includes a five-to-seven minute video instruction (here’s one from December)
  • a monthly strategy guide (click here to see the one from December)
  • a monthly hour-long video coaching call (either with a group or one-on-one, depending on Premium or Platinum)
  • email access to me for help at any time (Platinum only)
  • and a good bit more.

I really loving helping people use social media for others’ good.

Email me at if you have more questions. Head over here to sign up for a quarter or a year.

P.S. We have lowered our “Basic” package to just $1-per-month. Check it out.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is the Co-Creator and Chief Content Officer at LifeWay Social as well as a Content Strategist at LifeWay. He and his wife Susie live outside Nashville, TN.