You’re driving down the road and you see it. The Krispy Kreme “Hot Now” sign illuminated off in the distance. You hadn’t thought about doughnuts in weeks. They weren’t even on your radar. But there they are. You couldn’t possibly say no. After all, the red light is on. You feel a magnetic force drawing you to the drive thru. Before you know it, you’re waist deep in melty fried sugary dough. How do they do it? How do they reel you in?

In short, marketing.

Really great marketing.

They’ve trained our brains Pavlov style to associate this red light with the momentary happiness that their doughnuts provide. As ministry-minded marketers, we’re not trying to brainwash anyone to come to our Sunday morning service. We don’t want to do any bamboozling. Or swindling. We simply want to remind our community and congregation of the work that we’re doing and how that work has impacted them. If we believe that our God is worthy and our church event/service could lead to a life-changing encounter with Christ it is our responsibility to compel people to load up their five kids and mini van and get to church.

Don’t get us wrong. This is by no means a recommendation to plop a large, red, neon sign on top of your steeple. (Although that could be cool? Who knows?) There are a few strategies you CAN implement to grab attention. Here are 4 quick ways to remind your congregation “Hey, we exist! Come and partake!”

Text Me

There are a number of services that allow you to text out reminders to the masses. Gather phone numbers and send out a quick message a few hours/the night before your service or event. Nothing crazy. Just let them know hey this is what’s going on and why you should consider attending.


On a similar note, you can (and should) post something pre-service on your social media platforms. Obviously you have church every Sunday at 9 AM but what makes this service special?  Why should they come today in particular? An exceptional set-list? A guest speaker? Let them know!


Create an original church hashtag and encourage members of your congregation to post using that hashtag. Each post will serve as a reminder of the community that the reader could be missing out on and the more people posting about your church, the larger your audience becomes.

Check In

You can also ask members to “check in” on Facebook to let people know “Hey, I’m here!” The check in feature is quick and takes little effort but can inspire others to check out your service the following week.