Hello everyone!

My name is Chris Martin. I, along with my friend Jonathan Howe, started LifeWay Social. The motivation for me to create LifeWay Social comes from dozens of conversations over the last five years or so with Christian leaders about how to do digital communication and social media well.

Honestly, I just see a need. It seems to me that many Christian leaders in a variety of spaces—the local church, higher education, and otherwise—struggle with how to do digital communications or whether to do them at all.

I just want to help people, and that’s why we created LifeWay Social.

Any questions you have about what we offer or how much our services cost can be found on the Pricing and Plans page. If you have additional questions, check out the FAQs page or contact us at social@lifeway.com. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

The LifeWay Social blog will have new content every weekday (hopefully). The content will vary and I have a team of social media wizards who have volunteered to help write with me. You will get to know them over time and learn of their expertise quickly. Soon, perhaps even tomorrow, I will post a blog post with some brief information about each one of them.

For now, the LifeWay Social blog is open for everyone to read as they please. Later this month, likely on October 23rd, we will activate a paywall that will limit the number of articles you can read if you are not a subscriber of one of the three LifeWay Social services. This paywall will work like newspaper paywalls. You will be allowed to read a couple articles a month and then be prompted to sign up to read more.

My hope and prayer is that this blog and LifeWay Social as a whole is a service to the Church. God has given gifts to all of us, and I believe that, inasmuch as we can, we have a responsibility to use those gifts in the digital space to serve others. You may be unsure of how to do that well. That’s where we want to help.

Welcome to LifeWay Social.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is the Co-Creator and Chief Content Officer at LifeWay Social as well as a Content Strategist at LifeWay. He and his wife Susie live outside Nashville, TN.