There’s a temptation with social media to post anything and everything you can think of. You want to stay relevant and chirp on in every hot topic, but this may not be the greatest way to grow followers or increase engagement.

When choosing what to post, keep these elements in mind.


By selectively choosing to post only on topics within your niche, you create credibility. You become to “go-to” person for your exact topic. Keep away from being a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. Be picky and choose to only create posts that are within your field of specialty to maintain credibility.


When you stay within brand, you create recognizable consistency. Your followers will associate your voice with expertise in your given area and turn to you when they need answers in your specific category. Consistency within your posting topics allows followers to know exactly what to go to you for.


Staying on brand increases engagement because it creates an on-going conversation with your audience. Your audience will know how to talk with you and will feel comfortable engaging in conversations that surround your niche if you stay on brand.

I know it’s tempting to veer to the latest hot topic to get engagement, but stay true to who you are and serve your audience well.

Katie Clinebell

Katie Clinebell is a born and raised New Jersey girl living in Nashville, Tennessee where she works as a Platform Coordinator for LifeWay. Specializing in creative communications, she is fueled by the Beach Boys, Broadway, and coconut coffee.