Social managers who use Facebook Pages have various tactics for using Facebook advertising, but the majority of users that I talk to usually have two objectives for Facebook ads—increasing the impressions and reach of their Facebook content and driving traffic to their website, either for content consumption, product sales, or event registrations.

But the possibilities of what can be accomplished through Facebook advertising are much deeper than these simple tactics. Where to start? Here are three very practical, yet creative ways you might want to begin using Facebook advertising.

1. Build your email list/use your email list

Email marketing can still be effective, and marketers are always looking for new ways to acquire email addresses. With the lead generations tactic inside Ads Manager, you can serve ads to people who aren’t currently connected to your business and give them content or other value in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

Collecting this information inside of Facebook can reduce lost customers who don’t make the click to jump from Facebook to a website and then fill out a lengthy website form. It also prevents you from having to build the website form!

If you use one of the more popular email programs (i.e. Mail Chimp), you can connect Facebook ads manager directly to your email manager and automatically send new emails to the leads you collect in Facebook.

On the flip side, you can use Facebook ads to have an additional touchpoint with your current email customers. As tools like Gmail have started to filter users’ inboxes and put social and promotional emails in separate tabs, reaching this audience through another channel is a smart move.

You can upload your email lists into Facebook to create a custom audience, and serve ads pushing the same messages as your email. If your email doesn’t get read, but your user is served a Facebook ad in their News Feed, that’s a win for your innovative marketing.

2. Start conversations in Messenger

As of September 2017, Facebook Messenger now boasts 1.3 billion monthly active users. If you’re not having conversations with your users on Messenger, you probably will be soon. Users expect businesses to use popular communications tools, and as the News Feed algorithm continues to be punitive to branded content, the same isn’t true for one-to-one communication through Messenger.

You can serve ads to users that drive them to Messenger conversations, either to a real person or most likely, to a chatbot that can take the user through a scripted conversation. This conversation can be sales oriented, customer-service oriented, or simply looking to capture user information.

Take the time to explore the possibilities of advertising through and to Messenger.  

3. Create audiences to retarget later

Too often, businesses start a conversation with a new potential customer with a big ask. These audiences (often labeled as “cold”) usually don’t have a terrific response to a steep request, unless your content is particularly strong.

What if you just provided great content to this “cold” audience, and didn’t ask them to do anything? They might learn about your brand, have a good experience, and go about their day.

But the great thing about this tactic is that you can capture those who engage with these initial ads for later messages. So, you can create an audience of users who were once cold to your brand or businesses, but after seeing 2 or 3 educational or valuable content pieces might be a lot more willing to give you their email address in exchange for more good content. They may trust your message more after being warmed up a little.

Experiment, and see what your efforts can yield for your Facebook Page.

Kyle Brogdon

Kyle is an experienced marketing and communications strategist; having developed and managed social strategy at an Atlanta-area hospital, a state university, and several churches and ministry organizations. He is the senior integrated digital marketing strategist at LifeWay.