Before the world of social media came into existence, influence was typically restricted to individuals with movie, TV, or radio access. The amount of people wielding influence was limited. The amount advertisers and marketers would pay to tap into this influence were primarily given to the few elite influencers. Things have changed.

Every person with a social media account holds a portion of influence because every account has an audience. Whether that audience is large or small, the beauty of a social media audience (if it’s real people, not bought followers) is that members are engaged. They have shown that they are interested in what the person is saying as evidenced by their choice to follow them. They have chosen to tune into this person’s opinions and life by allowing them to have a valuable slot on their social feed.

Marketers have not allowed this phenomenon to go unnoticed. One of the biggest trends we can expect to expand in 2018 is the utilization of influencer marketing. Marketers are eager to partner with influencers to naturally introduce their brand to their target audience. This seamless integration of content and promotion has marketers shelling out cold, hard marketing dollars to partner with the right influencers. In fact, media giant Viacom recently acquired influencer marketing agency Whosay to expand their marketing reach. 

But what exactly makes influencer marketing so desirable? Here are three major benefits of utilizing influencer marketing.

Segmented Audience

It is pretty easy to determine the segment you’ll be able to reach by partnering with a certain influencer. Most influencers’ audiences are incredibly segmented and easy to predict based on the type of content an influencer produces. But moreover, you can just look at an influencer’s follower base and see if it’s the right fit or not to promote your brand. By partnering with the right influencer, you’re guaranteed to hit your target audience. It takes some of the automation out of the mix and allows you to more manually know and control who sees your brand.

Quick Turnaround

Viacom noted that one of the main reasons partnering with an influencer marketing agency was desirable was the fast turnaround they’re able to have on campaigns. Typical marketing campaigns can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to implement. With influencer marketing, campaigns can be launched in two days. All it takes is having an influencer accept your proposition and get to work creating content to promote your brand. It can be as simple as a tweet or as complex as a multi-cam shoot, but you can control the type of content creation you request and the time you expect it to be accomplished in.

Trustworthy Source

Consumers are being increasingly skeptical of third-party advertisements, Not only are they getting increasingly skeptical, but they’re also finding ways to get around advertising. Influencer marketing allows marketers to place messages in their audience’s natural line of vision. These messages not only have a higher viewership percentage, but they’re also trusted more which means they’re acted upon more.

When building your marketing plans, don’t forget the amazing opportunities partnering with the right influencers could bring you.

Katie Clinebell

Katie Clinebell is a born and raised New Jersey girl living in Nashville, Tennessee where she works as a Platform Coordinator for LifeWay. Specializing in creative communications, she is fueled by the Beach Boys, Broadway, and coconut coffee.