If you’re trying to build a viable online presence, consistency in the central messaging of your content is key to having your voice be recognizable. I know this may feel limiting, but it’s actually just the opposite. It frees you to post on things your gifted in, passionate about, and called to, rather than obligated to post about any and every trend through every lens imaginable. Of course this does not mean you can never break free from your niche or create certain posts that don’t specifically fall within your parameters, but it does help you create content you’re passionate about creating rather than content you feel obligated to create.

I know what you’re thinking, because it’s something I’m currently working through myself, What is it exactly I’m gifted in, passionate about, and called to? I like a lot of things and have opinions on a lot of different subjects. Like I said, I’m currently working through these thoughts too!

While I’m a primarily right-brained art junkie, I love the predictability of the formulaic principles of science. Thus, I’ve gathered a set of starting questions meant to help you identify what it is you’ve been gifted in and called to by helping you uncover what you’re passionate about.

While this list is not exhaustive, it can serve as a helpful starting point in identifying what you want to communicate to your audience. The sea of social media is vast, and at times it feels like we’ve been left to surf its waves without so much as a life vest. I find simple, practical steps like answering the questions on this list can be helpful in navigating this vast sea.

What subject do you find yourself researching naturally?

Is there a certain topic you find yourself absolutely fascinated by? What naturally captures your interest? Sometimes listening to our natural inclinations can help us identify what God has wired our hearts to respond to. Knowing what you naturally love to learn about will encourage you to become a life-long learner on the subject, rather than just studying it once and creating content from your one-time learning.

If you could tell someone one thing, and only one thing, what would it be?

As a lover of communication, this question is absolute torture to me. How can you tell someone only one thing when there’s so much to say?! While this question may be very aggravating, answering it honestly is a helpful diagnostic in identifying your top values. The answer can help you tailor your online presence to convey the very message you value most. 

Who are your favorite social media accounts to follow?

This question is not meant to encourage you to copy accounts you find interesting, but it is meant to again help you uncover patterns in the types of topics you naturally gravitate towards. What are your feeds filled with? For me, it’s tons of Broadway news, Christian influencers, and marketing information. What’s yours filled with?

Which conversations do you most enjoy having?

We all have conversations that enliven our spirits, and others that do the exact opposite. For instance, in college I came alive in my advertising classes, while my science classes killed my soul. In the same way, conversations that surround art and storytelling really engage my mind and heart. Which conversations do you absolutely love? When you’re creating content surrounding a topic that engages your heart and mind, you’ll enjoy creating it more and your audience will enjoy engaging with it more. Content created from an inspired and impassioned heart and mind is much more effective than content stemmed from obligation.

Like I said, this list is not exhaustive, nor is it foolproof. But it is a stepping-stone in helping those who are striving to build a recognizable online presence. Understanding what you’re gifted in, passionate about, and called to will help your social media platforms serve your audience with content that stems from an overflow in engaging God’s design for who you are, rather than obligation to constantly post on everything. Answer the questions honestly and see if you can identify patterns within each answer.

Share some insights with us! What did you discover you’re passionate about?

Katie Clinebell

Katie Clinebell is a born and raised New Jersey girl living in Nashville, Tennessee where she works as a Platform Coordinator for LifeWay. Specializing in creative communications, she is fueled by the Beach Boys, Broadway, and coconut coffee.