Pastor, have you ever been asked to join a group of older gentlemen in your church for coffee at McDonalds on Thursday mornings at 6:30am? Ministry leaders, have you ever been asked to join your people regularly to just hangout and chat?

Now, imagine that you told them, “No, I would never be caught dead drinking coffee at McDonalds.” Or “No, I don’t have the time to hang out and chat.”

What do you think would happen?

You’d be in for a rocky tenure of ministry for sure, if not just making for yourself difficult relationships.

How many times have you as a ministry leader or pastor said you’d never use Facebook or social media?

The numbers are out there. For 2017 Facebook had 2.13 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU) which is an increase of 14% over December 2016 1.

So, here’s the point, your people are on Facebook, if you’re not there too you’re missing a major ministry opportunity.

When I pastored, Facebook was the biggest source of information that could help me minister more effectively. The people of my church were telling the world (and me, if I was listening) the problems, stresses, and joys of their life. There are countless times where all I had to do was reference their latest post to dive into a deep conversation and application of the gospel.

Now, if you’re already on Facebook you need to examine how you’re using the platform. Are you wasting time, or is it part of your ministry? Are you harnessing the tool for the good of your people and the Church, or is the tool harnessing you to waste your time? Ministry leaders have been given a powerful tool in serving their people through Facebook, use it to love and lead them well.

Your people are using Facebook, and you might be too, but are you using it for Kingdom purposes?

Sam Morris

Sam Morris, is the Electronic Marketing Specialist for Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife have one son.