Hello everyone! I hope your New Year is starting off well and that you all had a great time of rest and relaxation with family and friends over the Christmas holiday.

If you don’t know me, my name is Chris Martin, and I am the co-creator of LifeWay Social. I have a special announcement!

In October, we opened signups for LifeWay Social for the first time. The response was tremendous and when we closed signups at the end of October, I was already looking forward to the time we would open them again and invite more people to join LifeWay Social.

That time has come!

LifeWay Social signups for the Premium and Platinum coaching slots will be open January 22-29, 2018!

LifeWay Social Basic is always available, but LifeWay Social Premium and Platinum signups only open for one week a quarter.

So, between now and January 22, start considering if a LifeWay Social Premium or Platinum membership may be right for you.

I have had so much fun working with the people that signed up in October, I can’t wait to hopefully see some more new faces after January.

If you want to learn more about the cost and features of LifeWay Social Premium and Platinum, click here.

If you have¬†any questions at all, please email me at social@lifeway.com or¬†contact me here. I would be happy to answer any of your questions and even take time to talk with you on the phone if that’s easier.

Looking forward to working with you in this new year!

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is the Co-Creator and Chief Content Officer at LifeWay Social as well as a Content Strategist at LifeWay. He and his wife Susie live outside Nashville, TN.