The Facebook events section is nothing new. In fact, the feature first rolled out back in 2005 when the website was exclusively used and operated by rowdy college students.  In the thirteen years that have passed, the events feature has evolved and taken many shapes, receiving a stand-alone app back in the fall of 2016 and relaunching as “Facebook Local” in 2017. Today, with ad technology and targeting on your side, you can use Facebook events to boost attendance to your church or business event by hundreds! With the help of these quick tips, you can be the hostest with the mostest (RSVPs).

Set Yourself Up for Success

Take your time putting together the event page. Use a high quality, appropriately proportioned cover photo (1200×628 is the present recommended photo size). Craft a clear thorough description for your event. Come up with a clever, attention-grabbing event name. There are a million egg hunts. Set yours apart. This is what will sell people on your event! Make sure it’s something you’re proud of and you would be interested in.

Invite Your Friends

No-one wants to be the only guy to show up at a party. Start by sending personal invitations to friends, family and peers that you think might have a genuine interest in attending the event. Once a few people have opted in, page visitors are more likely to seriously read into the event and consider attending themselves.

Get Engaged

The Facebook algorithm likes to show us things that people are engaging with. If someone shares, comments, or likes a post, that means it is more likely to be organically seen by the general public. Get your team members, co-hosts, and congregation members to commit to share your event on their personal pages and comment and like posts as they show up. This will help more people to see your posts about the event!

Start Early

If you want your event to have a great turnout, it’s best to start advertising and promoting as soon as you can. If you throw an event page together the week before, you can’t expect to have a record-breaking turnout. In 2018, people lead busy lives. Get your event information out there early so that people can put it on their calendars and make attendance a priority.

Stay Relevant

Often people thoughtlessly click the “interested” or “going” button on an event invitation and forget all about it by the day of the event. To keep interest peaked and create buzz, it’s important to post updates and countdowns leading up to the day of the event. You can post about what’s happening behind the scenes to get ready for the event. Write up a fun post with information on vendors or speakers that will be present. Get creative and keep the excitement alive!

Be Consistent

When creating informational or promotional material for your event, keep it consistent. Use the same design, fonts, keywords and color schemes on your Event page, flyers, and posters across the board to give your event a more professional, memorable look.

Ad it Up

Boosting an event only costs a couple of dollars and allows you to promote it to people who may be interested in attending, but might not be aware of your church or business. The extra reach can earn you more attendees and also build your Facebook following. When doing this, it’s important to take advantage of Facebook advertising targeting options and select exactly who you think would be most interested in your event! If you’re hosting a Mother-Daughter Tea, why pay money to advertise your event to a 17-year-old boy? Play around with your target audience to put your money to good use.

Facebook events aren’t a magical tool that instantly bippity-boppity-boop two hundred additional people to your Fall Festival. It’s not a perfect science. Many people that click “going” will make other plans. That’s okay! By taking the time to set up your event page and get the information out there, you’re allowing more members of your community to have the option to partake.