Let’s get to it: there’s absolutely no reason why your church should not be advertising Christmas events and services on Facebook. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and you can reach a very specific audience within driving distance of your church. This article will walk through an exercise to show you how to create that audience for your Facebook ads.

1.  Get your Facebook page cleaned up

Before you drive a ton of potential visitors to your Facebook page, take 30 minutes to audit what your page looks like. Does the content on the page reflect your church’s theology and culture? Does it communicate what someone should expect at your church? Are there crazy commenters on posts that should be hidden? Are your graphics and photos high-quality and reflect excellence? Don’t blow the first impression of a visitor to your Facebook page.

2.  Create an event on your Facebook page.

Inside your Facebook page, you have the ability to create an event. Put in your event details, special graphics for your Christmas Eve service, time and place, and save and publish your event. When the event is published to your page, simply find the event and click “Boost Event.”

3.  Define your audience, including those who you don’t want to see your ad.

When you boost your event, you get to choose the audience who will see your ad. Start with geography: target people within 10 or 15 miles of your church, or zip code targeting might work better in certain areas. Next, add the demographics you’re looking to reach. Are you looking for singles, young families, older couples? Facebook’s rich demographic filters let you zero in, even by criteria like “parents of preteens” or “moms of preschoolers.”

You’ll want to get your audience to a respectable number of people, based on the size of your church, the size of your community, and the size of your budget.  

4.  Decide your budget based on the number of prospective people in your audience.

If you’ve created a well-targeted audience of people likely to be interested in your event, you need to spend a little money to reach a decent percentage of those in the audience. If your created audience is 20,000 people and your budget is $20, you’ve got to realize that only a fraction of those folks will ever see your ad. Depending on how relevant your ad is to your targeted audience, and how good your content and creative are, you can expect to spend between three and six dollars for every 1,000 impressions.  

Choose how long you want your ad to run, finalize your budget and payment method. That’s it! You’re ready to launch.

5.  Launch, adjust, and respond.

Your ad isn’t done when you finish creating your ad. If your ad is successful, people will engage, ask questions, and share your content. Monitor your ad to check its performance frequently, depending on how long your ad is set to run.

If your ad isn’t successful, you’ll need to tweak your content, adjust your audience, or maybe change your graphics to videos to get more engagement on your event. Use this paid advertisement to make a great first impression to people in your community who may only come to church once or twice per year.

Facebook advertising can seem daunting but, I promise, you aren’t going to break anything. Jump in, create an ad for your Christmas Eve service, and don’t be afraid to ask the team at LifeWay Social for additional help.

Merry Christmas, and may your events be filled who people who need to hear the hope of Jesus!

Kyle Brogdon

Kyle is an experienced marketing and communications strategist; having developed and managed social strategy at an Atlanta-area hospital, a state university, and several churches and ministry organizations. He is the senior integrated digital marketing strategist at LifeWay.