Once a social marketer starts to realize the benefits of paid Facebook content, one usually quickly moves from simply boosting individual posts to utilizing Facebook’s Ads Manager. It’s here where rich audience targeting, and even more importantly, testing different ad variables can really provide valuable information on what content really resonates with your audience.

Which photo is best? Does a short paragraph or a single sentence create more click-throughs? Will more users click on “Learn more” instead of “Shop now?” However, building multiple variations of ads can be extremely time consuming, and creating a true split test of these variables has proven to be virtually impossible with Facebook’s algorithm affecting the results. Most users have found the algorithm will funnel more traffic to the ads it deems most relevant before a healthy sample size for each ad has been reached.

Thankfully, Facebook is rolling out a new tool to ad accounts that simplifies the ad creation process to truly let creators test graphics, videos, headlines, and more.  Dynamic Creative, currently being phased in for major ad accounts and eventually rolled out to all, allows you to choose up to 10 images or videos, along with multiple headlines, calls-to-action, text blocks, and other ad elements.

Dynamic Creative automatically creates all the possible combinations of these variables and serves these ads to your target audience. Then, one can look at Ads Manager to see which combination of variables is most effective. It’s a tremendous time saver and keeps the Facebook algorithm from interrupting a true split test.

To see if your ad account(s) have received the ability to use Dynamic Creative, simply start an ad campaign. To use Dynamic Creative, you’ll have to switch to the “Quick Creation” option at the objective level of your campaign. Set up the basics, and when you get to your Ad Set, turn on the option for Dynamic Creative.

Once you get to your ad level, you’ll see the magic happen. Where there was once only the place for one photo or video, you can now upload up to 10. Where you enter the text for the main ad copy, you’ll now see a button with plus sign under it, where you can add a second version of your copy. This same principle carries through to the headline, the call-to-action, and the description fields of your ad.

As your ad is served to your audience, you’ll be able to see how the different elements of your Dynamic Creative are working. Next to the Column data selector (which defaults to Performance), you’ll see “Breakdown.” That’s where you can see the different Dynamic Creative pieces of your ad, as well as their performance.

This tool can be an extremely effective and time-saving tool for ad managers, and can really help one overcome personal opinions about what is most effective in your advertising. Creating multiple options and letting your audience tell one which is the best is a great thing! Jump into Dynamic Creative and see what it can do for you!

Kyle Brogdon

Kyle is an experienced marketing and communications strategist; having developed and managed social strategy at an Atlanta-area hospital, a state university, and several churches and ministry organizations. He is the senior integrated digital marketing strategist at LifeWay.