You don’t have to have a full team of experienced social media strategists, photographers, videographers and graphic designers on staff at your church to have cool, engaging social media accounts. If you’ve got an iPhone and a desire to promote the work that God is doing in your church, you’re set. Here are seven, free, easy-to-use apps that can help you create incredible content for your page.

1. Canva

Have an event coming up? Need a new logo? Want to post a bible verse or sermon quote? Canva has got you covered. Using their free iPhone app or website, you can create customized professional quality designs. They have thousands and thousands of templates, fonts, filters, stock photos and illustrations at your disposal. You can drag and drop until your heart’s content. They make creating your own custom graphics quick and easy to do regardless of your skill level.

2. Ripl

Cool graphics not doing it for you? How about cool graphics that move? With Ripl, you have the ability to add animated text and design to any picture or photoset. The results are beautiful and eye-catching.

3. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse allows you to shoot polished time lapse videos without a tripod or any fancy, expensive equipment. You can set up your phone before a service and shoot people filing in or capture your walk to church. The only limit is your imagination!


If your church is on Instagram and you’d like to have a cohesive, appealing feed, UNUM is for you. It’s essentially a grid that has all of your current Instagram photos. You can add photos you’d like to post in the future to see how they look together and how you’d like to structure them. You can swap them around, see how your feed would look without certain pictures, crop, filter and decide when to post, all without disrupting or permanently altering your actual Instagram account.

5. LightSpace

This app is unlike any other free program I’ve seen. You can take pictures and videos and add 3D light drawings using AR technology. You can walk around your drawings and see them from every angle. Draw a cape on an awesome volunteer. Draw arrows leading to your event. This is a quick, easy way to up a simple video or post.


If you’re looking to jazz up your candids, VSCO might be worth looking into. They have a great selection of presets and tools to help you edit your photos beyond what the Instagram or Facebook app alone are capable of doing. You can also copy and paste your editing style from one photo to another, which can help you create consistent branding.

7.  Hootsuite

Last, but certainly not least, we have Hootsuite. HootSuite is one of many “social media management” apps. It allows you to manage your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in one handy place. It tells you how your posts were received and help you better understand what your audience wants to see and when they’d like to see it. You can also use it to schedule future posts ahead of time, so you can plan out your week of posts in advance, rather than having to go in and post your content daily.

Well, there we have it! 7 free apps that can help transform your church’s social media page. Did we leave out one of your favorites? Leave it in the comments below!