If you are like many churches, you know social media is important, but you just don’t know where to start. You may find yourself asking questions like:

  • What should we even post?
  • Do we have enough content to share?
  • Where should we look for content?

These are common questions that I asked while serving at a church and looking to increase our social media presence. The great news is there is content all around you to repurpose and share with your people. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Pull Quotes from a Recent Sermon

This one is probably the easiest one to start implementing. Every week your pastor delivers a new sermon which in turn gives you fresh content to highlight and share with your church. It allows you to extend the message from Sunday morning into the week. It also allows those who were not in attendance to be reminded of the series and still get some of the main points from the message.

If you are a church who records your sermons, this is a great opportunity to share the link to the message in the post. That way if someone who wasn’t there wants to listen, it is just a link click away. Any chance you get to point your people back to Scripture and unify them around the current sermon series is a huge win.

2. Elevate Stories of Life Change

Don’t ever let a story of life change pass by without sharing it with everyone in your church as much as possible. The church is in the business of life change because that is what the gospel is all about. Because of this, these stories should be elevated over and over again.

It can be something as simple as posting a picture of a small group and sharing how they are walking with one another through a tough time. Or it could be as produced as recording a video of someone sharing their story of salvation. No matter what, get the story out there, so others can feel a part of what God is doing at your church.

3. Share Blogs Written by Your Pastors

If you’re a pastor, consider blogging every now and then, and also encourage your team to do the same. This gives you another chance to pour into your people through an avenue other than preaching. You can also speak into topics that you normally wouldn’t during a Sunday morning sermon, or for those pastors who wish they had more time on Sunday (which is all pastors), this gives you an outlet to keep teaching. However you decide to blog, just start writing and sharing it with your people.

4. Post about Upcoming Events and Announcements

Of course, this is the most standard, and often times considered boring, content, but if you don’t share about events, your people won’t know about them and in turn, won’t show up. Don’t be nervous about over sharing this information either. Sharing it once does not suffice anymore. Each social media platform is different, but make sure you share more than once on each to make sure your people don’t miss what’s coming up.

I’ve heard many pastors and church leaders (myself included) ask some of their people why they didn’t show up for an event only to hear that they didn’t know it was happening. Of course, the pastor says, “How did you not hear, we posted about it?” But it was only shared one time, and it is easy for that one post to get lost in the shuffle of everything else. So try sharing announcements in different formats and different ways and see if it helps your attendance at your events.

What are some pieces of content that your church shares?

Chandler Vannoy

Chandler Vannoy is the Brand Manager for LifeWay Leadership. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and is now pursuing his Masters of Divinity at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He loves the NBA, C.S Lewis, and good coffee.